Beer Kit for more information or to order your own Mr. Beer Kit.

These are the best priced home brew kits on the market, and they are also the easiest to use too. They make about 2 gallons of great tasting beer, and I LOVE mine! Once you have purchased the Kit (for about $40) you can order new ingredients kits which will produce 2 Gallons for about $10!!! So this kit will save you A LOT OF MONEY if you like to drink high-quality beer. And there is nothing like the experience of brewing your own beer:) (And its just another good reason to throw a party! woohoo!)

I absolutely recommend this kit to anyone who has any interest in brewing their own beer. It is easy to do, and yet still very rewarding. Go to… for more info, or to order your Mr. Beer Kit. Thanks for watching

Mr. Beer Kit Product Review Online.

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