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Our love of British Beer, football (soccer for you Yanks), and Guy Ritchie movies come head to head in this homebrew. We brewed our recurring Best Bitter to drown away the sorrows of Tottenham Hotspur. Recipe below after the timestamps! Apologies in advance to all Brits and football fans everywhere.

0:00 Intro
0:56 Opening titles and Water Chemistry
2:06 Style, Ingredients, and Brewing History
5:24 The Brew
8:15 The Review
12:17 Bloopers and Credits


OG 1.046 FG 1.011

Ca 71 Mg 8 SO4 113 Cl 53 pH 5.3

4.3% Victory Malt (8oz/227g)
4.3% Crystal 80 ( 8oz/227g)
4.3% Crystal 120 (8oz/227g)
87% Golden Promise (4.53kg)

Mash at 156 F/ 69 C for 1 hour
NOTE: We did a No-Sparge mash, which means we had lower mash efficiency (but possibly more malt flavor for the abv?) Follow the malt percentages, not the numbers.

1oz East Kent Goldings hops boil 60 min
1oz East Kent Goldings hops boil 40 min
1 whirlfloc tablet boil 10 min
1oz East Kent Goldings hops boil 5 min

1 pack Imperial Juice Yeast

Attempt to ferment at 66F/ 19C, then realize your heater is broken and your fermentation chamber struggles to stay above 60F/ 15.5C, so then lug your 70lb/32kg fermenter into your closet and ferment at room temperature for three weeks lol. To be honest, I think the higher temperatures coaxed the fruity esters that we wanted out of this yeast.


Spike Brewing kettles and Flex Plus fermenter
Blichmann Hellfire burner
Blichmann beer gun (for bottling)

Panasonic Lumix GH5 shooting 4k 10bit HLG and HD 10bit HLG (slo mo)
Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 and Panasonic 25mm f1.7
DaVinci Resolve Studio (editing and colorgrade)
FilmConvert Nitrate film emulation plugin
Epidemic Sound (music and sound effects)
Adobe Stock images

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