Here’s the second video of the Viewer Submitted Beer Recipe series. This week, we brew a great Dry Stout from one of our viewers (also named Mike).

What makes this particular Dry Stout recipe different is the use of Rye Malt. Traditionally, Dry Stout relies mostly on Flaked Barley for smoothness and Roasted Barley for the dark color and flavor character. Of course, there are no real rules when homebrewing so our friend Mike has added a touch of malted oats as well as malted rye to the recipe.

The result is a stout that has some residual body from that rye and the flaked oats and barley certainly show their smooth properties with the addition of that rye.

In this application, there were some pretty nice dark fruit and vanilla like notes that we think must be some cool sort of alchemy between the rye and the roasted barley.

Lastly, I ran my system a little long in the boil and I had a little more extract efficiency that the recipe originally called for so I came in higher than intended, but I think the beer is still pretty stellar. See the complete recipe below.


NOTE BATCH SIZE. 2.7 Gallons
Boil size: 3.9 gallon
Mash 150F for 60min with hot water addition for mash out at end.

Maris Otter 3.67 lbs
Roasted Barley 0.92 lbs
Flaked Barley 0.92 lbs
Rye Malt 0.31 lbs
Malted Oats 0.31

Challenger .729oz 6.9%AA 60min
Challenger 0.367oz 6.9%AA 15min
EKG .676 oz 5%AA 15min
EKG 0.462oz 10min STEEP 5%AA

West Yorkshire Yeast

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